ShieldMe PREMIUM Paint Protection Film PPF Roll, Automotive Clear Bra Sheet

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ShieldMe™ Paint Protection Film

Shield Your Car Like Never Before! 🛡️

Overview: Give your prized possession the armor it deserves! Our ShieildMe™ Paint Protection Film is a car enthusiast’s best friend, ensuring your vehicle stays pristine, glossy/matte, and scratch-free.

Key Features:

  1. Crystal-Clear Finish: Virtually invisible, this film accentuates the beauty of your car, not hides it.
  2. Self-Healing Tech: Minor scratches? Watch them disappear with our advanced self-healing technology.
  3. UV-Resistant: Protect your paintwork from harmful UV rays, preventing discoloration and oxidation.
  4. Easy Application: Say goodbye to bubbles! Our film is designed for a frustration-free application.
  5. Durable Defense: Guard against stone chips, road debris, and minor abrasions.

Why ShieldMe™? Not all protection films are created equal. ShieldMe™ combines innovative technology with premium materials, ensuring you get both aesthetics and protection.



 Base Premium
Thickness 6 Mil 8 Mil
Material Polyurethane Blend Advanced Polyurethane
3 Years 10+ years


Limited Stock Alert! Grab yours before it’s too late. Give your car the shielded edge against daily wear and tear. 🚗✨



    Compatible with

    Acura, Honda, Chevrolet, Ford, Mercedes-Benz, Jeep, BMW, Porsche, Subaru, Nissan, Cadillac, Volkswagen, Lexus, Chevrolet, Tesla, Dodge, Toyota, GMC

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