We love to see how your projects turn out, and we want to share them with the world. When submitting media by email, please make sure to include the following:

  • Your name/username and the words "photo submission" or "video submission" in the subject line

Here are a few guidelines to let you know if your image is ready to be submitted:

Acceptable Submissions

  • Raw or mildly edited photos or videos of your vehicle, with any Bogar Tech Designs product or accessory applied as the focus of the media
  • Photos or videos of the installation process for the product
  • Photos or videos of the customer(s) showing off, installing, customizing, or otherwise enjoying any Bogar Tech Designs product or accessory
  • Image format: .JPEG or .PNG
  • Video format: .MP4 or .MOV

Unacceptable Submissions

  • Over-edited photos or videos that distract from or distort view of the car and product
  • Extremely low-resolution photos or videos that cannot be made out due to pixelation or file compression
  • Photos or videos that do not include any Bogar Tech Designs product or accessory
  • Inappropriate and/or vulgar photos or videos (i.e. nudity, graphic violence, discriminatory behavior, and criminal activity)
  • Image format: .TIF, .GIF, and .BMP
  • Video format: .FLV, .AVI, and .WMV

If your submission meets the acceptable requirements, you may now email your media to us. Thank you!