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ShieldMe™ PPF Tint

✅ Made of high grade paint protection film


✅ Offers a high level of proection to your headlight/taillights

✅ Self-healing properties

✅ Installs like regular ppf

Other Headlight Tints

❌ Made of cheap pvc material

❌ Orange peel is to be expected

❌ Offer little to no protection to your headlights/taillights

❌ Replacement required if damaged

❌ Prior vinyl wrap experience may be required to install

Made To Be Simple

No Prior Experience Needed - Made For All DIY'ers

Same Day Shipping

If ordered by 9am Eastern Time

8 Year Warranty



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1ft x 2ft
2ft x 2ft
2ft x 3ft
2ft x 4ft
2ft x 5ft
2ft x 10ft
2ft x 15ft
2ft x 20ft
2ft x 25ft
2ft x 30ft
2ft x 35ft
2ft x 40ft
2ft x 45ft
2ft x 50ft
Light Smoke (40%)
Dark Smoke (20%)

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