Drive With A Peace Of Mind

You've just bought a Tesla and want to keep it looking as good as the day you drove it off the lot?

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Protect What's Important With Paint Protection Film

◾Drive knowing you're protected from rocks and debris hitting your vehicle

◾ Maintain your car value by protecting the paint

◾ Avoid paying repair fees caused by scratches, scuffs, and knicks

◾ Have your Tesla looking the same as when you first got it

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Without Paint Protection Film

❌ Rock Chips Are Noticeable On Your Tesla Paint

❌ Parking Lot Incidents Will Occur Over Time

❌ Car Wash Swirls Will Develop Over Time

❌ Tree Sap and Bird Droping May Damage Clear Coat Paint

With Paint Protection Film

✅ Paint Protections Film Protects Tesla Soft Paint

✅ No More Surface Scratches

✅ Avoid Swirls From Car Wash

✅ Protect Clear Coat Paint From Bird Dropings and Tree Sap

Made To Be Simple

Step By Step Tutorials

Reduce Your Project Time With Easy To Follow Installation Videos

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DIY Kits Designed And Tested In House

Paint Protection Film (PPF) kits are tested in our Los Angeles shop to guarantee proper fitment

Added Bonus

This Kit Includes All The Tools You'll Need For Installation

◾ 2 Spray Bottles

◾ 2 Microfiber Towels

◾ 2 Squeegees

◾ 1 Heat Gun

◾ 1 Syringee

◾ 1 Clay Bar

◾ 1 Blade

◾ Shampoo & Alcohol

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12 Month Warranty

Replacement Warranty For Any Manufacturing Defects