Window Tint Installation

Protect What's Important

We have have provided installation videos on
each window type.

Baby shampoo used to make the slip solution for ceramic window tint

Slip Solution

The slip solution is made up of 28 oz (full spray bottle) water and 1 oz (half small bottle) baby shampoo

Quarter Window Ceramic Tint Bogar Tech Designs Precut

1) Step: Quarter Window

First you want to start off with the easiest window

Side Door Window Ceramic Tint Bogar Tech Designs Precut

2) Step: Side Doors

After you have installed your quarter window tint, we will move on to the side doors


Currently we do not have installation videos on all vehicles (we're
working hard to make install videos on all popular cars) but there's a good
chance if you YouTube, "Your Vehicle" window tint
, a detailed video may be available.

Rear Window Windshield Ceramic Tint Bogar Tech Designs Precut

3) Step: Rear Windows and Windshields

Lastly, we will move on to the rear and front windshield which have similar installations

Key Things To Remember

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1) Car window tint ONLY shrinks up and down

Shrunk film

2) Pay attention to how the film behaves. Only squeegee what you have shrunk

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3) Clean your window as thorough as possible or you may have contamination

4) Avoid wetting electronics (covering electronics avoids these issues)

We are always here to help! If you run into any
issues or problems, please feel free to contact us at