Chrome Delete Installation

Vehicle Specific Installation Videos:

Chrome delete installation is not always easy and requires some patience. Some of our car specific videos can be found on our YouTube channel by searching “Chrome Delete”.

Chrome Delete Installation Instructions:

Starting with the shortest/straightest pieces is recommended before attempting the longer, more complex pieces.

  1. Wipe down and clean the surface area where the vinyl chrome delete will go. First clean with soapy water and then with rubbing alcohol to remove all dirt, debris and oils. Allow to dry.  Note: Make sure that all coatings ,waxes, ceramic coatings, etc., are removed to allow the vinyl to properly adhere.
  2. Peel off the decal from the backing paper (having an extra set of hands is highly recommended).
  3. Align/position the vinyl chrome delete starting on one end and carefully apply over chrome trim (vinyl piece is removeable and can be repositioned). There may be excess vinyl that will be tucked in or trimmed after placement of the vinyl trim is complete.
  4. Use your fingers or a felt tipped squeegee to press the vinyl trim firmly as you go across the car chrome trim to help it adhere. Note: Make sure to squeegee the vinyl thoroughly to prevent bubbles from forming. 
  5. Once the vinyl trim is aligned and placed, press firmly and gently rub the vinyl trim while applying heat (heat gun or hair dryer) to assist with adhesion. Heat allows the vinyl to stretch and mold onto the shape it is being place on.
  6. Using a credit card or squeegee, tuck in the vinyl trim into the edges/corners. Using a blade trim any remaining excess material if any. Repeat steps for each additional trim.
  7. Leave vehicle in sun for 24-48 hours to allow the Vinyl to cure before washing vehicle. 

    If you are having any issues, please feel free to reach out to us. We understand installation can sometimes be difficult. We are here to help. 


    Using heat always help with installation.

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